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Now NC State’s making the bad kind of history

I can’t say I approve of this.

North Carolina v NC State Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Since we’re already feeling miserable, I figured I’d add some context to last night’s unpleasantness, which featured another historically poor shooting performance. Boy, we’ve had a lot of missed shot to enjoy in the last week, haven’t we? Our cup of bricks runneth over.

Last week I wrote about the historic nature of NC State’s win at Notre Dame; yesterday’s loss prompted me to look into the Pack’s worst shooting efforts in league games since 2000. Here are the top ten.

Worst Shooting Performances In ACC Games This Century

Opponent Year NCSU eFG% Result
Opponent Year NCSU eFG% Result
Virginia Tech 2019 18.5 L, 47-24
UNC 2024 28.4 L, 67-54
Virginia Tech 2010 28.6 L, 72-52
Wake Forest 2006 29.8 L, 76-63
Notre Dame 2024 31.1 W, 54-52
UVA 2014 31.1 L, 76-45
FSU 2012 31.9 L, 76-62
Maryland 2002 32.1 L, 72-65
Wake Forest 2000 32.8 L, 62-59
UNC 2001 32.8 L, 60-52

These showings aren’t necessarily indicative of bad teams—off nights are inevitable regardless of team quality—and four teams on the list made the NCAAs. (A fifth team, the 2019 squad, should have been in.) So we shouldn’t be sticking a fork in this Wolfpack group yet, though in the context of the 2024 ACC, it was a damaging loss to be sure.

But hey, the league’s charitable nature can be helpful, too. There’s no better time to play Louisville than right now, with the Cardinals coming off a stunning win at Miami made possible by unusually good shooting. A good effort by the Pack there will help it turn the page and move on to what will be a pivotal week of home games.