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DJ Horne reprimanded but not suspended for 2-star review of officiating

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at N.C. State Jaylynn Nash-USA TODAY Sports

At the tail end of NC State’s win over Wake Forest on Tuesday night, DJ Horne offered his double-barreled opinion regarding the officiating, or rather, one official in particular, who said something to Horne after he chest-bumped Michael O’Connell a few seconds earlier.

Was this a good idea? No. Was it funny? Yes. Horne apologized on Twitter immediately after the game but his actions still merited a reprimand from the ACC on Wednesday, which is to say that no actual punishment was meted out. Good news there, since State can hardly afford to miss him, even for a single game. Virginia Tech’s no pushover.

In DJ’s defense, and judging by his hilarious facial expression, that official must have said something eye-roll worthy. Are you the chest bump police, sir? May we see some identification? Were they operating outside of the proper chest bump zone? Gotta walk on eggshells around some of these refs, I swear.