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Well, here we are again, again

NCAA Basketball: N.C. State at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports


You ever feel like you’re stuck in the same time loop where the only thing you can remember is NC State basketball seasons, and there’s a lot of branching paths, but while they all look slightly different—maybe there’s a Sweet Sixteen bit of fool’s gold here, a bit of NIT there; a coach promising to press here; one flying in by zipline there—they are all uniformly pointless?

No, no, me neither. I would never suggest that any of us have wasted a quarter century.

Is “I accept full responsibility” dead-man-walking talk? Don’t know. Does it matter? It does not. NC State could make a coaching change this year. Doesn’t matter. NC State could make a coaching change next year. Does not matter. The next guy will just meet us here again in five years, downtrodden and lost after winning 1.5 ACC/NCAA tournament games.

That’s NC State basketball, and there’s no escape.