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Jayden Taylor made the NC State hoops play of the year against Georgia Tech

NCAA Basketball: Miami (FL) at N.C. State Jaylynn Nash-USA TODAY Sports

Jayden Taylor got a little out of control on a layup attempt—it’s okay, he does that sometimes—early in the game yesterday, and somehow ended up making the NC State basketball play of the year*. It gets more impressive every time I watch it.

(*Probably the play of the year. You can prove me wrong on this if you want, universe. Preferably in March.)

Computer, neither zoom nor enhance:

To make this play he’s got to snag a ball like two feet behind him with one hand, not allow the ball’s momentum to take his fully-extended arm to the floor, and also keep his head and shoulders off the baseline. If Michael O’Connell didn’t make the jump shot after that, he’d have been escorted directly to jail. But Mike’s a good teammate and generally prefers to avoid incarceration, so he knocked it down.

It ended up as the top play on SportsCenter this morning.