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NC State Survives Trip To College Park, Beats Maryland 20-18

Mitch Stringer-US PRESSWIRE

To begin, let me just say that:


Man, what a terrible, awesome, terrible game that was. NC State got off to an impressively poor start and Mike Glennon looked like he'd never played quarterback before. Once State got to the second quarter, the tenor of the game changed and it looked as though the Pack had taken control. David Amerson's ill-advised cutback on an interception return was the only thing between the Wolfpack and a two-touchdown lead at halftime.

That cutback also cost the Terps starting quarterback Perry Hills, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Reserve Devin Burns killed NC State in the second half with his feet and several safe lateral throws. Terps OC Mike Locksley kept things simple for Burns, and the kid executed.

It appeared as though Maryland had done just enough to win in the second half. It just didn't feel like there was any life on the NC State sideline, and the defense seemed to have no answers. But Mike Glennon was able to lead a drive in the final three minutes to get State into field goal range, and Nik Sade delivered, giving State the 20-18 lead. There were only about 30 seconds left at this point, but of course, nothing could be easy for us.

Randy Edsall burned a redshirt in the final minute to bring in quarterback Caleb Rowe, who was better than Burns at throwing down the field, and it almost fucking worked. This dude led Maryland down into easy field goal range, and then their freshman kicker--who had missed an extra point and made a 48-yard FG--doinked it off the left upright. ACC football!

Whew. Holy shit.