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Mustafa Greene Kicked Off The NC State Football Team

Mike Ehrmann

Running back Mustafa Greene missed his fifth consecutive game on Saturday, and if you were beginning to feel like he'd played his last snap for NC State, well, yeah...

Joe Giglio tweeted today that there are no new legal issues for Greene, so this would appear to be academically related. Tom O'Brien's "champions in the classroom" reference points in that direction as well.

This ends the what-could-have-been saga otherwise known as Moose Greene's NCSU football career, and I hope he'll be able to get his shit together wherever he ends up. In Greene's absence, NC State figures to continue to lean on the Tony Creecy/Shadrach Thornton tandem, and James Washington will be there if the team needs him. It's a shame that Thornton's redshirt had to be burned this season, but he could end up being a key contributor for this team down the stretch.