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So You're Saying It's A Rivalry Now

Grant Halverson

Okay! Larry Fedora has been counting down the days to this puppy, and there is no love lost between sides thanks in large part to the efforts of certain Pack Pride posters who are really good at the internet. Let's get this party started, Larry!

"To start off, defensively for them, they're really big upfront. They're athletic upfront. They're leading the league in sacks so they've done a great job getting pressure on the quarterback. You know they're going to play extremely well against us and secondary-wise they've got some skill back there."

That's all right; coach, you get a mulligan since this is your first time.

On the N.C. State game:
"It's a big rivalry game, obviously. That's been pointed out to me since the first handshake when I took the job and, again, like I've said before it's what makes college football so great. It's the fans and the pageantry, the regional rivalries. This is a big game."

Wait, what the hell? Fine, TOB will take care of this.

"Not to take anything away from [Bernard] because he is a great back in his own right, but certainly this is the best offensive line we're going to play this year."

Oh for Christ's sake, where is Everett Withers when you need him? Tom O'Brien is not an instigator because he is not a moron, but when provoked he will not hesitate to cut you. I miss last year so much. But okay, TOB, I guess we'll settle for this. The week is young; maybe Larry Fedora will make some disrespectful comment offhand during his daily tire-pummeling session and then we can go from there.

"Hey, what's coach... this stupid damned sport why does my head have to be so heavy all the time?"

Because he drinks an average of 17 Red Bulls per day, Larry Fedora cannot stop moving at any point, or else his heart will explode. And whatever you do, do not take this man to a monster truck rally. Like feeding gremlins after midnight, it simply isn't done.