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So Many Drops, So Much Anguish

Grant Halverson

Rather than going back over all of NC State's dropped passes yesterday--Austin has already done that--I have decided instead to rate each drop on a scale of one to five based on the emotional damage incurred as a result in each case.

1. Bryan Underwood drop, 1st and 10 at NCSU 25 in 1st quarter

These first two drops, both of which were by Underwood, came on a first-quarter drive that resulted in a touchdown anyway. So while they were annoying, they did not cost State any points, plus it was still early and we did not yet know this would become an epidemic.

Mental Trauma Rating: 1.0

This drop represented in gif form:


2. Bryan Underwood drop, 1st and 10 at NCSU 40 in 1st quarter

Mental Trauma Rating: 2.0

This drop represented in gif form:


3. Shadrach Thornton drop, 2nd and 5 at NCSU 42 in 2nd quarter

Started to feel like a conspiracy.

Mental Trauma Rating: 2.5

This drop represented in gif form:


4. Rashard Smith drop, 2nd and 2 at UNC 45 in 2nd quarter

By this point, NC State had taken the lead after scoring touchdowns on three of its last four drives, and with Glennon in rhythm, the Wolfpack looked destined for another score. But the pass over the middle to Smith--which would have resulted in a first down--ricocheted off his pads and into the arms of a Carolina safety. Carolina took the ball inside State's 10 yard line on the ensuing possession, though C.J. Wilson was able to bail us out with an interception in the end zone.

Mental Trauma Rating: 5.0

This drop represented in gif form:


5. Quintin Payton drop, 2nd and 9 at NCSU 46 in 3rd quarter

This one didn't feel overly costly at the time, but it did help kill another drive. At this point, though, the anger was cumulative.

Mental Trauma Rating: 3.0

This drop represented in gif form:


6. Tony Creecy drop, 2nd and 14 at UNC 35 in 3rd quarter

How far Creecy would have gone on this play is anyone's guess, but at the least he would have converted the first down and gotten State into easy field goal range. There were no defenders around him. Glennon threw a pick on the next play.

Mental Trauma Rating: 4.5

This drop represented in gif form: