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Is Mike Glennon A First Round Draft Pick?

Streeter Lecka

Mike Glennon was really good against the Tar Heels on Saturday, and we can only guess what his numbers might have been without all the drops, the impact of which we will eventually assess through our tears.

NFL Network analyst Bucky Brooks was in Chapel Hill to watch the game Saturday and came away thinking Glennon might be the best quarterback prospect in the 2013 draft.

Glennon is one of the most impressive throwers in college football. He has rare arm strength, and his ability to make all of the throws to every area of the field with zip and velocity makes him an ideal fit for most traditional pro-style systems. While watching him work against the Tar Heels, I was blown away by the pace of his balls. Glennon unleashes laser-like tosses on out-breaking routes; he will not have any issues throwing the deep comeback to the far side of the field from the pocket.

There is no doubting Glennon's physical tools, and he was able to showcase those against the Heels', uh, occasionally-forgetful coverage schemes Saturday. There is not a throw on the football field that Glennon cannot make, and with more help from the ground game or pass protection, he could really take off. Will Glennon give the Pack three starting NFL quarterbacks in the near future?