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NC State Upsets Florida State, 17-16

NC State rebounded from a rough first half to overcome the Seminoles.

Streeter Lecka - Getty Images

I don't know what I can say about that game; really, there is nothing that can be said about that game that isn't said by this photograph:

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That was one of the most unexpected second halves I have witnessed in a long time, and the odd thing about that was it did not involve a huge deficit. NC State was never really out of the game--at least from a points-on-the-scoreboard perspective--but Florida State was so dominant in the first half, a rally seemed ridiculous. And when the Pack settled for a field goal halfway through the third quarter, it seemed an admission of defeat. Like, let's just avoid the zero because we're going to lose no matter what.

But the defense kept Florida State from finding much rhythm in the second half, and Mike Glennon started making fantastic throws after a terrible start to the game. And suddenly State had the ball with a couple minutes to go and a chance to win. It took some great plays, and in particular a great catch by Quintin Payton. Seems like that's all Payton does these days. And true to Wolfpack fashion, it came down to one final snap. Glennon found a wide open Bryan Underwood, Sade hit the extra point, and there was little additional drama.

Amazing. Go crazy, folks.