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Mike Glennon And Staats Battle Win Halloween

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Streeter Lecka

Mike Glennon went as Tom O'Brien for Halloween. It was spot on.



That could be TOB from 40 years ago. And naturally, Glennon is TOBing in this photograph. It's a crucial aspect of the costume. Joe Giglio has the side-by-side comparison.

TOB said no to a reaction, as is his way.

What was your reaction to Mike Glennon's Halloween costume?

I have no reaction.

He was Tom O'Brien!

Good for him. My son used to do that all of the time, too.

I'LL REACT YOU! *kills reporter* (It turns out TOB had no idea what Glennon's costume was when asked the first question, but I like to imagine he knew all along, and his reaction was to have no reaction, which is his reaction to most things, probably.)

Also, basketball walk-on Staats Battle dressed up as Richard Howell, beard, tattoos, and all. It was great. I have to figure out where he got that ink done, because that is some high quality stuff right there. Not that I have any need for a tattoo, but for some reason I've been drawn to the image of a flaming basketball for as long as I can remember.