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NC State 37, Wake Forest 6

Mitch Stringer-US PRESSWIRE

NC State came out with some actual purpose on Saturday, and the result was one of the better first quarters the team has played all year. An early fumble ended one scoring opportunity, but it didn't make much difference, as State killed the Deacs on both sides of the ball in the opening period.

I was particularly impressed by the defense's performance against this Wake Forest offense, which has caused a few problems in the past, to say the least. Wake Forest had absolutely nothing in this game, short of one trick pass play keyed by Mike Campanaro. There was no run game and little pass protection, and as a result Tanner Price did not have an opportunity to win this game with his arm. Wake ended up behind schedule on many occasions and converted just two of 17 third down attempts.

So we're going bowling, y'all! Kudos to the team for a strong response to a couple of awful weeks.