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Report: 'Strong Indications' That Tom O'Brien Will Be Fired

Craig Mitchelldyer

We are approaching college football coaching change season, which means it's time to fire up the rumor mill! I know we're all excited. This report from 247Sports just caught my eye, though according to the time stamp, it was posted late Saturday night:

Strong indications tonight that NC State likely to fire Tom O'Brien at season's end...

Gus Malzahn could be a target for N.C. State if a change is made.

The timing of this is odd, to say the least, what with it coming hours after Tom O'Brien's team drubbed Wake Forest. And I have absolutely no clue as to the reliability or track record of this particular recruiting network. But then again, I've heard that everything written on the internet is true. I'm so conflicted.

Maybe Gus Malzahn should be bumped near the top of the Profile Of A Possible Savior list, if he wasn't already there. You know, just in case and stuff. I'm holding out for Billy Donovan, personally, but I guess I can be patient as this process works itself out. I'm sure we'll end up with a great sixth or ninth choice eventually.