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Clemson Has At Least Two Receivers

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Streeter Lecka

Tom O'Brien met with the media on Wednesday, and here it is, your moment of sniff:

In conference play their two receivers (DeAndre) Hopkins and (Sammy) Watkins are averaging almost 200 yards a game between them. Are they the toughest pair you've gone up against in a while?
Yeah, there certainly is two of them.

Hold on a sec... okay, his math checks out.

What about all the no-huddle now? Is that because of the veteran quarterbacks or is that here to stay and how are defenses going to react to it?
Well, you know, it's anything else. Some teams did it. We saw Rich Rodriguez do it at West Virginia back in the Big East and started this whole trend towards that, and that's like anything else in college football, whether it's offensively or defensively, somebody will catch up to it.

But we're a huddle/no-huddle team. We had 94 plays last week. So I don't know whether it's just the no-huddle, but there seems to be for whatever reason, I can't remember running 94 plays in a game that I've coached.

I'm gonna go ahead and be that guy: you ran 96 against Maryland last year, coach. Ninety-eight against Maryland in 2010, 91 against ECU that same year. I can feel the renewed excitement, though. Things are different now. It's all about that up-tempo offense. Every Monday I'm like, "damn, so many more days until Mark Gottfried's Dana Bible's offense returns to action!" Who is meeting the nation's quota for ineffectual run plays out of the shotgun while NC State isn't playing? I worry for us all. Also I just started hoarding white bread for some reason.