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James Franklin Rejected NC State But Then Wait No He Didn't

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Stacy Revere

A report from (the school's Rivals site) this morning indicated that Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin declined to speak with NC State about its "open head coaching position." The site used that exact phrase. Maybe they're from the future.

At any rate, once it began to garner attention, it did not last long. The site spiked the story, either because it was totally bogus or because it is not yet the future. Thanks to Joe Ovies, though, the article lives. Here it is in Twitpic form.

Including that 247Sports report from earlier in the week, this makes two rather bizarrely-timed stories regarding State's football job, and I have no clue what that Vanderbilt site was thinking when it said the job was vacant. That would most likely be news to Tom O'Brien, who I am told will be in Clemson for this weekend's game against the Tigers. OR WILL HE?

Maybe it will be James Franklin leading the team out of the tunnel, and then to a resounding 62-3 win. After which he will punt Howard's Rock into space, and subsequently it will be officially designated as a planet just because everyone is so impressed about the booting of the rock into space. (That's what you get for telling him to "go kick rocks" during the postgame handshake, Dabo.) Sorry. What were we talking about again?