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NC State Scores 48 Points At Clemson, Loses By Two Touchdowns

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Everybody do the Amerson!
Everybody do the Amerson!
Streeter Lecka

It looked early on like the usual NC State first quarter--Clemson jumped out to a multi-score lead in a matter of minutes, and appeared on the verge of blowing out the Wolfpack. But then... oh, hang on, it did end up being a blowout.

But hey, it wasn't for a slack first quarter this time. State responded to the early deficit with some big scoring plays to Tobais Palmer, who set a new league record for all-purpose yards. Other records were set by other players, and they were all bad, though. So it goes.

NC State actually led by two scores itself at one point and, believe it or not, appeared to be taking control of the game. Then the rest of the game happened. It was pretty much all bad.

Mike Glennon had himself a hell of an afternoon, despite the occasional poor decision. Glennon can be forgiven for these and other transgressions because he is the whole of the offense, and that presents a lot of pressure. And the guy hung in the pocket and made several tough throws knowing he was about to take a hit, which is worth some praise, outcomes aside. We have some kids on this team completely dogging it, but there was Glennon, hanging tough on every passing down. (Which was most downs.)

I'm sorry we don't have Mike Glennon for another year. I'm more sorry that he has no support whatsoever, be it from his offensive line, the running game, or his wide receivers. He's been brilliant at times this year and does not have nearly as much to show for it as he should.

David Amerson got beat on a double move again as he was cheating by looking into the backfield--I know, we're all stunned. But this defensive performance was on no one person; it takes a complete breakdown for this to happen, and that's what we saw. The play at the point of attack was terrible; Rickey Dowdy and the linebackers were terrible; some guy named Roger Smith messed some shit up; the defense was made up entirely of sadness. Clemson is vastly more talented, and today it showed.

But we're still bowl eligible.