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What Is Your Point?

Joshua S. Kelly-US PRESSWIRE

At the tail end of what was an horrific second quarter--at least they changed things up a bit in that regard--NC State had an opportunity to score some points and draw a bit closer prior to halftime. The Pack got the ball back down 17 with three timeouts and with more than a minute to go. Mike Glennon is good at football; Clemson's secondary had already proven itself bad. What was the decision? Well, Glennon had fumbled the ball away on State's previous possession. That obviously was predictive because Tom O'Brien could feel it in his gut. That's what being old does for you. Gut clarity. Sample size is not important, and neither is trust.

A sense of long-run value? A vague understanding of win probability? Nope. This is a coach who lost by multiple scores to the illiterate camo-pants-wearing moron who attempted a pair of two-point conversions in the second quarter.

NC State's coaching staff is constantly out-paced, and it isn't all about talent differential. Dana Bible and Tom O'Brien are living in 1996, and they do not care. This staff is essentially your father's father swinging a golf club at that stupid mail man who dared step on a square inch of his grass.

I particularly enjoyed this bullshit after the game.

[Shadrach's] a kid, after.... in the locker after the game, he's the only guy that's got some fire right now. I said to him, ‘Thank God you're here, man. You're my kind of guy."

"I like to quit on games and punt while down multiple scores midway through the fourth quarter. Quitting is very easy, but it's also very different from a coaching perspective, and I can effortlessly pass that on to you, the player. I make cowardly acts on a weekly basis, have no concept of the fundamentals--but stress fundamentals--and I have the nerve to criticized the kids playing for me, to question their resolve, to wonder about their interest in winning games."

Thanks, coach! What is your point?