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ACC Bowl Projections: NC State To Nashville?

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Frederick Breedon

Prior to the end of the Clemson-Sakerlina game, Joe Giglio said that NC State would end up either in the Peach Bowl (with a Clemson win) or the Music City Bowl (with a Clemson loss). Clemson did not beat South Carolina, because obviously--it's Clemson. This is not bad news for NC State from a competitive standpoint. As of the Clemson loss, it's still looking like Nashville will be NC State's landing spot, and that means a more winnable game against an SEC team.

Funny thing about that Music City Bowl possibility. There is a decent chance that James Franklin's Vanderbilt team ends up being NC State's opponent, if that is in fact where the Pack goes. Franklin and NCSU athletics director Debbie Yow have a relationship dating back to their respective tenures at Maryland, and Franklin would be her first phone call if and when Tom O'Brien's tenure in Raleigh comes to an end. TOB knows this. So I'm sure this potential bowl matchup would not be awkward at all.