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Clemson OC Chad Morris A Major Target? James Franklin Unlikely, According To Report

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Now that Tom O'Brien is no longer the head football coach at NC State--really did not see him getting canned before Frank Spaziani--the rumors are beginning to swirl. According to (dunno how credible the site is), Clemson offensive coordinator Chad Morris could be a primary target for Debbie Yow:

I have learned that Clemson offensive coordinator / quarterbacks coach Chad Morris is a strong candidate to replace O'Brien. Morris is currently the highest paid assistant in college football, earning $1.3 million annually at Clemson.

CBS Sports' Bruce Feldman also threw out Morris' name, along with Stanford OC Pep Hamilton.

Yow would like to turn to James Franklin first, most assume, but it is sounding like he will not be an option. also makes it sound like Franklin to NC State is a long shot. Perhaps there was something to that spiked report from Vanderbilt's Rivals site which stated that Franklin had declined interest in the job.

We'll see. I definitely would not be surprised to see Morris get a look if Franklin is out; Morris would bring a more modern and exciting offense to NC State, which would help restore some enthusiasm for the program within the fan base.