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Kyrin Priester Could Be First To Decommit

Kyrin Priester, a wide receiver from Georgia and a member of NC State's 2013 football recruiting class, could be looking elsewhere in the near future:

"I was kind of mad at first [that Tom O'Brien was fired], but now I am just trying to see who the new coach is and see how everything is," Priester said. "I am pretty much going to open it back up, depending on what happens with Coach [Troy] Walters. If he is fired, I am not going there."

There's no telling if Walters will be retained--in many cases, new head coaches like to start from scratch. And Debbie Yow has made it clear that she is not going to meddle in these decisions, so I suppose the fate of Priester when it comes to NC State is up to the next head coach.

Defections are going to happen, and there is no use in worrying about them because they are completely beside the point. It would be nice to keep the current class together, but the important thing is getting the right head coach. Whatever happens from there, we'll deal with it.