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Debbie Yow, Tom O'Brien, And A Recruiting Clash

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Recruiting may have been the root of the divide between Debbie Yow and Tom O'Brien. It wasn't the only issue, by any means, but Yow made clear--without saying it explicitly--that recruiting philosophy was a major sticking point.

"Coach O’Brien and I agree on the goal of becoming a Top 25 program, we just don’t agree on what it takes to get there," Yow said.

Recruiting acumen will obviously be a factor in this search, as will offensive philosophy. Based on everything that happened Sunday, it appears those two things will be at the forefront in this coaching search. Can he recruit? Is his offense more not boring?

Things are about to be very different around Raleigh. That may cost the program some recruits in its 2013 class; The Wolfpacker's Matt Carter speculates that Matt Dayes, Josh Mercer, Kyrin Priester and Jerod Fernandez are the most likely to look at other options. Priester appears to be on the verge of moving on from NC State.

Tylar Reagan isn't going anywhere, though, and he is trying to rally the rest of State's 2013 class.

It's always nice to hear that from a recruit, but no judgment or fault should be extended in the direction of any kid who re-evaluates his options following a coaching change. (I'm looking at you, Twitter.)