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NCSU Board Of Trustees Calls 'Emergency Meeting'

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What's all this then?

NBC's Penn Holderness got a hold of this release from NC State announcing an "emergency meeting" of the school's Board of Trustees on Wednesday. It has to do with the topic of "an employment agreement contract or future employment contract," which, hmmmm...

The trustees are having an emergency meeting Wednesday afternoon at 4:30 p.m. The meeting is discuss "the amount of compensation and other material terms of an employment agreement contract or future employment contract," according to a school news release.

Is it possible that Debbie Yow has already found NC State's head football coach? I mean, they wouldn't do this sort of thing for like a forestry professor or something, would they? I don't know how these things usually work.

Whatever the case, it's interesting timing, and the nature of the meeting certainly raises some eyebrows. BOT member Laurence Davenport had this to say:

"They didn’t tell us what contract we are approving," he said. "It could be a faculty contract. It could be athletics. It could be staff."

It is a mystery man! If I had to guess--and I checked with my gut here--what we'll see Wednesday is James Franklin bursting through the doors as soon as his deal is approved, confetti flying. Plus there will be a laser light show. That is, if they want to do this thing first class all the way.