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More Random Coaching Speculation

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Joe Robbins

Oh, 247Sports. The other other other other recruiting service. Of course you would toss this out there.

Clemson OC Chad Morris. LSU DC John Chavis, Ball State coach Pete Lembo and former Minnesota coach Tim Brewster are the early names at NC State. Brewster has a long history in the state. He worked at UNC for Mack Brown and still owns a home in Chapel Hill.

Tim Brewster! Brewster spent four years as Minnesota's head coach and "led" his team to a pair of Insight Bowl appearances. Brewster survived both of those seasons, which one might guess would be a death knell for irony, but then again, this is college sports we're talking about.

On the plus side, if we hired Pete Lembo, we could call him Pete Lemborghini. I AM SOLD.