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NC State Coaching Search: BOT Meets, No Specific Names Discussed

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You the man?
You the man?
Bob Levey

No specific coaching candidates were discussed at Wednesday's Board of Trustees meeting, but the group did go over financial parameters for a new contract, according to WRAL. Additionally, chancellor Billy Randy said that a deal could come quite soon:

Following the meeting Wednesday, NC State Chancellor Randy Woodson said, "This deal can be closed very quickly as the result of the meeting today."

Woodson also joked with reporters by telling them they should all get a good night's sleep. So take that as you will.

Reports started to trickle out yesterday that Debbie Yow would be meeting with Sonny Dykes today, and WRAL has confirmed contact with both Dykes and Clemson OC Chad Morris. Yow wasn't on campus today and also refused to tell media members her location--top secret underground interviewing lair, I'd imagine--so obviously she was meeting with somebody.

Yow does have a specific target in mind, and according to Mark Thomas, contract negotiations are underway. There have been conflicting reports about a timetable for the hire, but if Thomas' word is accurate, we could indeed have ourselves a coach by Thursday.