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NC State Coaching Search: Sonny Dykes, Chad Morris Interview For NCSU Job Wednesday, According To Report

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Bob Levey

Clemson beat writer Travis Sawchik is reporting that NC State interviewed both Chad Morris and Sonny Dykes on Wednesday, and that Dykes is the leading candidate.

None of which is overly surprising but it does lend credence to reports earlier today and yesterday. Yow moved quickly on this, which is much appreciated after whatever it was that happened during the basketball coaching search. I don't know if we'll hear anything definitive tomorrow--if the meeting with one of these guys was more formality than interview, we might--but perhaps Billy Randy had a very good reason to encourage folks to get a good night's sleep.

And there's still time for a random coach to emerge! Admittedly these shorter searches aren't as much fun from a speculation standpoint, but you never know. James Franklin, confetti, laser show. As long as the job remains vacant, we still have the chance of being thusly entertained.

Anyway. Sleep well.