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Virginia Vs. NC State By The Numbers: I'm Not Here Edition

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Rob Kinnan

Box Score

Total Yds
70 216
3.1 3.2
83 446

(*Yds/carry stats are calculated after removing sacks from the equation.)

Hooooo boy. Hoo boy. Sheeeewwt, y'all. Con-mother-grabbin'-sarnit. I tell you. I was not able to get in front of a television until the second quarter has started thanks to my old college roommate's wedding, but I'm not sorry about missing another dreadful quarter. I was watching Twitter with disbelief during those opening minutes, and this was one of those times I wasn't particularly concerned about the early deficit. We'd bounce back, and we're better than UVA, right?

Yeah, then I started actually watching the game, and we had all the life of that insurance breakfast where Herb Sendek was the keynote speaker. Mike Glennon after putting in a month's worth of fine work, he got little protection, and obviously there would be no ground game to speak of. I don't even know why we have running backs on scholarship.

The defense settled in during that second quarter but the offense was still bloody awful, and I found my attention starting to wander to other, less terrible games on in the bar. Would State come out with a different level of emotion in the second half? Was that first half the kick in the ass of a wakeup call that they needed to finally put the Carolina loss behind them?

No, we got instead a second helping of complete crap, and when UVA scored early in the third to push its lead to 23-0, the game was essentially over. There would be no comeback based on the lack of focus we'd seen up to that point; I had no doubt whatsoever.

And now more questions. Performances like these--especially given the timing--can really begin to turn the tide of public opinion. Frustration was already present. I could feel it simmering in the building, even though the TV. Before I was conflicted in my feelings about the whole TOB era, as I outlined here, and now I guess I'm a little more confused than I had been. Ultimately the results the rest of the way will set the course for the program going into 2013, and if the Pack spends the rest of 2012 just going through the motions, that might be impetus enough to make a change, even if the team gets bowl eligible. If I had to guess, I'd say O'Brien's job is safe unless the Pack finishes out the year with a string of meltdowns like that UVA performance. That would create generous circumstances for "going in a new direction."