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We Must Move Forward, Not Backward, Upward, Not Forward

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Jeremy Brevard-US PRESSWIRE

Florida State beat Virginia Tech with a late touchdown on Thursday night, which mathematically eliminated NC State from contention for the Atlantic Division title. Which is not to say that State had anything more than the faintest of chances prior to Thursday's game, but there is a finality to it now. I'm sure that's disappointing to State's players, just as the last two weeks have been. So now... which way?

I know which direction Earl Wolff will choose. If we had a half dozen Earl Wolffs leading this team, there wouldn't be anything to worry about. As it is, it's difficult not to be a bit concerned about the mental state of the Wolfpack after that no-show against Virginia. They can still win eight or nine games and have a nice bowl trip and get some affordable slacks in the process. Or visit Shreveport. Whichever.

It starts with--once again--a very winnable game against Wake Forest. Will the Pack come out with an edge, put an end to its string of horrible first quarters, and play like a team that still cares about winning eight or nine games? Or do the guys take one punch to the jaw and shut down? I suppose we'll know pretty quickly. The color of the team's pants should be a good indication.