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NC State Coaching Staff Already In Place?


According to Football Scoop, Dave Doeren has his staff set, but is waiting for bowl games to be played before making announcements. Which is possible, I suppose. It appears that Desmond Kitchings and Jim Bridge are being retained by Doeren, as they've been out on the recruiting trail.

(h/t to Omega for the last one.)

Mills is an assistant coach at a high school in Louisiana.

Additionally, Coaching Search says that NC State did offer its offensive coordinator position to Utah State's Matt Wells, who decided to stay at Utah State. So Ryan Nielsen remains the only outside hire (that's been publicly announced, anyway) that Doeren has made at this point. But if his staff is actually lined up as Football Scoop suggests, we should be hearing about a lot more additions this month. My guess is Doeren is waiting until after the national championship game to bring in Nick Saban as defensive coordinator and associate yell instructor.