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Matt Canada Offered Offensive Coordinator Job At NC State

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Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

I mentioned earlier that Wisconsin had put a job posting up for its offensive coordinator position, and now comes a report that Matt Canada has a standing offer from NC State:

According to a source close to the UW program, Canada has an offer to join the staff at North Carolina State.

Dave Doeren recently was named head coach at North Carolina State. Doeren was on UW’s staff from 2006 through 2010 before taking over as the head coach at Northern Illinois.

Doeren declined, via text message, to confirm Canada had accepted the offer to join the Wolfpack.

However, according to the article, the job postings are procedural and all of the assistant positions will be posted by Friday. Their contracts are all up on Feb. 3. So that means Canada hasn't necessarily made a decision about leaving for Raleigh, and it doesn't sound like a done deal by any means. In fact, a "source close to the program" says Canada would actually prefer to stay at Wisconsin. Which would be understandable given that the guy has spent his entire career in the midwest--he is an Indiana grad who has spent 11 years coaching in the Big Ten.

But Doeren's prior relationship with him could end up winning out. And we can always threaten to send Jim Bridge up there to "correct the situation" if need be.