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Matt Canada Takes NC State Offensive Coordinator Job

Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

After mulling an offer, Wisconsin offensive coordinator Matt Canada decided to take that same position at NC State. He will also serve as quarterbacks coach. Canada worked with Dave Doeren at Northern Illinois in 2011.

"Matt has had to run his offense with different personnel and has been successful each time," Doeren said in a statement. "He will make the transition much easier for me. He's not only a tremendous quarterback coach who has developed quarterbacks into NFL players, but he has also developed the run game, as evidenced by Wisconsin's success rushing the ball this season."

Canada got his start as a student coach at Indiana and has been working with offenses ever since. He served as offensive coordinator at Indiana and Butler, in addition to Northern Illinois.

Tough to trust a hoser, though. He better not come all up in here talkin' aboot ice fishing and igloos and Patrick Roy and shit. (Just kiddin', coach. We'll introduce you to Cary.)