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Matt Canada To Stay In The Great White North?


Matt Canada didn't seem super duper AMP and HYPE about taking the NC State offensive coordinator job when he spoke with reporters about the move a few of days ago. Wisconsin didn't have a head coach at that time, but now it appears they have their man. Gary Andersen is expected to leave Utah State and take the job.

And now, coincidentally or not, there is this from noted cheese and Wisconsin football expert Tom Lea:

Maybe Canada decided to put his move on hold and wait to have a chat with Andersen, or perhaps Andersen already has reached out to him. Who knows. I don't even know if I should feel disappointed about this news. Anyway, I guess we might need another offensive coordinator soon. Oh god it's just like our basketball coaching searches! At least no one will waste any ink on NC State being rejected multiple times for its offensive coordinator position. (Or will someone?)