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Happy Holidays; Here Are Some Notes

Grant Halverson

The site should be back to something approximating a regular day tomorrow, including a preview of NC State's next basketball opponent, which I cannot recall offhand. Ah, the holidays.

In the meantime, here are a few notes:

-- As you probably noticed by now, I shared a bulletin about some additional changes to the front page that are on the horizon. You don't have to read that whole thing, but do check out the screen shot included in the post to get an idea of what's coming. These are just tweaks to improve readability/organization and are nothing approaching the major overhaul through which the network went earlier this year, so don't worry. They're good changes.

-- In actual NC State news, The Wolfpacker has a run down of each new assistant football coach. We have got to close the scream gap somehow, and I'm looking at you, Huxtable. We'll also need one to two coaches to do a lot of encouraging clapping and nodding.

-- Jason Kirk ranked the top 25 gifs of the college football season, and guess who's number one babay!!!11


-- Vanderbilt is reviewing its Tennessee game plan in preparing for Mike Glennon and the Pack.

-- The ACC-Maryland lawsuit will stall realignment while the power conferences wait to see just how much UMD has to pay. That is not surprising.