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David Amerson Hasn't Decided If He'll Enter The 2013 NFL Draft


Some rumors lately indicated that David Amerson had already made up his mind to declare for the NFL Draft, but Amerson took to Twitter today to clear that up:

Or he could be talking about lunch. You never know.

Amerson was getting buzz as a possible top 10 pick following last season, but he hurt his stock with some of his performances this year, and now the top 10 no longer looks like a realistic possibility. He is nowhere to be found in the first round mock drafts by these CBS Sports guys, and this site has him going in the second round at No. 45 overall. Which is not bad by any means--that's still good money--but I wonder if he might think twice about going pro if he hears the same sorts of projections from the NFL Draft advisory board. He could stick around and try to work his way back into the first round discussion, but I definitely can't blame him if he decides to go pro.