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Dave Doeren Is Here To Stay; Please Stop Emailing Debbie Yow


When Bret Bielema unexpectedly took the Arkansas job today, it created, shall we say, a bit of concern among some NC State fans. Dave Doeren might have been a logical fit for the Wisconsin job had he not already accepted State's job, and some worried the Badgers might come calling. At least one person hit up the ol' Wolfpack Unlimited email address and got a response from Debbie Yow, who wrote that "we need to show some level of confidence in NC State." SERIOUSLY, PEOPLE. Could we not jump to the worst-case scenario every damn time we have the opportunity? I know we're all looking over our shoulders for NC State Shit, but good lord.

Earlier today, CBS' Jeremy Fowler confirmed that Doeren did indeed put his name on a few dotted lines, and that Wisconsin would have to pony up to get him. ($3.5 million buyout per Yow.)

Meanwhile, the D-A Dizzle just be straight hangin' with the dudes.

Oh, and there is also this from a midwest recruiting analyst:

That'd be a pretty strange thing to do if Doeren were backing out of the NC State job to go to Wisconsin, don't you think? That prospect, by the way, is an offensive lineman in the class of 2014.