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Coach Tug-O-War Between Doeren And Bielema?

Aw shoot, done coached my eye out again.
Aw shoot, done coached my eye out again.
Wesley Hitt

Bret Bielema's departure for Arkansas may indeed have thrown a wrench into NC State's plans, but it has nothing to do with Dave Doeren going to Wisconsin. Bielema's move to Arkansas may make it more difficult for Doeren to build the staff he wants, since as noted below, he'll probably be fighting Bielema for some of the same guys.

With that SEC cash, Bielema can afford to offer some attractive salaries to whichever coaches he wants to bring with him. So this is either going to cost State more money than it had anticipated, or it's going to cost it personnel. The poaching would have been a whole lot easier with Bielema still in Madison. But so it goes.

Chris Ash is Wisconsin's defensive coordinator and defensive backs coach. He and Doeren go back to their days together at Drake.

In other coaching staff news...

Chaney is Tennessee's offensive coordinator and interim head coach.