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NC State, Miami Prepare To Renew Rivalry

Will the Miami Hurricanes be able to break their two-game losing streak to NC State?

Rob Kinnan-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

NC State has won two in a row over Miami, and they haven't met since Russell Wilson did his best Reggie Bush impression. Obviously the Hurricanes have never forgotten.

"It's still a rivalry," 'Canes running back Mike James said. "We haven't played them in a while . . . we know we're going to have to do all we can to beat them."

It was the win at the Orange Bowl in Tom O'Brien's first year that was the real stunner...I'll never forget that game, though anyone who witnessed it would be wise to pretend it never happened. Miami QB Kirby Freeman completed one pass and still finished with a better average per attempt than Daniel Evans. But that's ACC football for you. Freeman and the Hurricanes completed just that one pass during the whole game and NC State still needed overtime to win. That's why they ended up demolishing the Orange Bowl. The reminders were just too immediate.