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Miami Having Red Zone Problems In The Early Going

The Miami Hurricanes' offense is off to a solid start to 2012 -- the team is averaging a shade over six yards per play, and three of their first four games were against major-conference opponents. The red zone, though has been a bit of a problem early on. They've scored a touchdown on just half of their visits to the red zone, which ranks 88th nationally. Quarterback Stephen Morris has been pretty solid this year, but he's missed in some key spots.

There are in my mind, two issues here. One is Stephen Morris' accuracy. This is a general issue, but it gets magnified in the end zone. Against Bethune-Cookman, Morris rolled to his left and overthrew a receiver with no defender within four yards. On Saturday against Georgia Tech, on the drive that resulted in Jake Wieclaw's missed field goal (which we will examine in-depth in a second), Morris overthrew an open Rashawn Scott on a slant in the back of the end zone. Miami absolutely has to have these points.

Fixing this sounds like a job for the NC State defense! Just kidding. Probably.