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NC State Finds A Way To Lose

It was awesome, in a way.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

If there is a gif that sums up today's regrettably unfocused performance...


(click for full giffage)

Of course, it's tough to sum up such a diversely poor performance, which spanned every aspect of the game for NC State. Things were so bad, the turnovers were almost a sidenote. But the giveaways did eventually catch up to State when a miscommunication resulted in an interception in the final minute of the fourth quarter, which was followed by David Amerson being terrible again.

It's really, really difficult to understand what happened in this game, because so much was atypical. False starts by the offensive line, I get. The jumps by the defensive line, though? Baffling. And the defense quit on plays after they jumped, which cost us this game, and that is totally inexplicable. We have a veteran secondary that should know better at this point, but we also apparently have a back four that got complacent during the offseason. They have been clowned by the only legitimate offenses they've faced this season, and they should be embarrassed.