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Shadrach Thornton Singlehandedly Revives Planking

Joshua S. Kelly-US PRESSWIRE

You remember planking? That was the thing where people lay prone in amusing and/or unusual locations; sometimes they got hurt. This dropped out of public consciousness a while back, but don't tell that to NC State running back Shadrach Thornton. Or do. Whatever. He is not going to be deterred in either case.

Thornton spent Monday night doing everything he could to bring back planking, and if you are horrified at the thought of an NC State athlete potentially risking his safety in any sort of manner, well, I cannot blame you. We're all fretting about the same thing. Is Thornton fretting about anything? SHIT NO. He is planking on top of the McDonald's golden arch. I'm guessing this is on Western Boulevard, but that doesn't really matter. SHADRACH THORNTON IS ON TOP OF A MCDONALD'S SIGN.

It didn't stop there. He was challenged to plank on the big wolf statue in front of the Murphy Center. He obliged.

[Update: the video has been taken down, so you'll have to use your imagination. Still got the picture of him up there, though.]

Someone might end up dead when Debbie Yow hears about this. It's all in good fun, but Yow is not interested in anything that is in good fun.