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Tom O'Brien's Still Got It

Streeter Lecka

Tom O'Brien spoke with media members Friday about his time at NC State, and while he says he wasn't angered over being fired, he obviously feels like he didn't deserve to be let go. And you know what that means? One more TOB zinger, for old time's sake.

See I'm still trying to figure out why he'd self-impose the death penalty. That just seems like a really bad idea, especially at the beginning of your tenure. Look at what happened to those SMU guys; they just completely disappeared for a while and then they sucked a lot forever. (Maybe their balls suck.)

The best part about all of this, though, is that last quote where he points out that 10 other State programs were 15-73 against UNC over (I'm assuming) the last six years. That's classic Tom O'Brien. Did he really hit up for some deep schedule research? How long did that take? Was an abacus involved? I really don't have the energy to vet those figures, but I don't know why he only included 10 programs. Did he just pick our 10 worst programs? Because that's no fair, coach.