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NCAA Recruiting Rules Changes Make Recruiting A Huge Sigh


The NCAA is making some changes to its recruiting policies, as sort of a shrug-what-can-we-do reaction to recruiting in the modern era. In one area of recruiting, anyway. And now everything is about to get a whole lot more difficult for assistant coaches everywhere. Prospects will wish they never had a phone.

There will be no more restrictions on electronic contact, no more restrictions on the form of said contact. This would just suck a whole hell of a lot if you were a coach.

Everything else went through, including Proposal 13-3, which removes restrictions on numerical limitations and modes of recruiting communication, including text messaging.

Starting with the Class of 2014, college coaches can call, text and communicate privately by any methods available without restrictions. No more one call per week, no more dead periods, no more ban on text messaging.

This will be no fun for all parties involved; coaches will communicate more than they need to for worry that competitors are out-pacing them; prospects will express annoyance at all of it. It's all total silliness, but it's also an example of how things are evolving, and why it's important to have youth on your coaching staff.

This is the new reality and it's even stupider than the previous reality but it requires a certain understanding of modern recruiting techniques that NC State's previous staff did not have.

Happy texting. I'm sure Urban Meyer is pumped.