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Mike Glennon Ruled Too Tall To Play Football

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

There was some devastating news out of the Senior Bowl this Monday morning, as former NC State quarterback Mike Glennon was officially disqualified from playing football because he is too tall to football.

Glennon showed up nearly two inches taller than he had been listed at with the Wolfpack, measuring 6-6 and ¾. Immediately, analysts began dropping the name 'Brock Osweiler' in reaction to the news. Some believe Glennon's height could work against him in the draft process.

This dark secret was kept under wraps for years by the NC State athletics department, which acted as a willing accomplice in listing him as two inches shorter than his real height. This prevented him from being ruled ineligible from participating in football, which has a 6-6 and 2/3rds height limit. For a Belk Bowl title, not surprisingly, a school will do anything.

Tom O'Brien could talk for hours about how his NC State program was clean. Champions in the classroom and in the community. But it would seem now that he was willing to break football regulations to suit his own anti-Russell Wilson purposes.

So where does Mike Glennon go from here? That's tough to guess. He spent his whole college career playing football rather than playing basketball and/or throwing javelins, so a career in sports appears to be unlikely. I'd like to be the first to wish him godspeed in whatever it is he chooses to do.