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Tom O'Brien Might Be Going Back To Virginia


According to the Daily Press' David Teel, Tom O'Brien may be close to joining the UVA staff as the associate head coach. O'Brien spent a long time back in the day coaching at Virginia, so this seems like a logical fit for him. That is if he still wants to coach. If it were me, I'd already be at the beach house just doin' a whole lot of nothing, but football coaches can't seem to quit the sport until they are 100.

TOB would first have to negotiate his way out of the non-compete clause in his contract, which stays in effect until 2015. NC State could save some buyout cash by letting him move on, though, which seems like a no-brainer to me.

As Carolina March pointed out on Twitter, this would be the third straight head coach fired by NC State to land somewhere else in the ACC. So don't say we never did anything for you, ACC. We've been helping to fill out assistant coaching positions for more than a decade now. Not filling them out well, necessarily, but hey.