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NC State Football Moves Into New Era


It's a little early to be worrying ourselves with next football season, and while we are firmly in the Bowl Zone, there are definitely some significant concerns going forward.

Five starters from the offense, seven from the defense and both specialists are expected to return next season. Plus linebacker D.J. Green will be eligible to return from an NCAA suspension for testing positive for a banned nutritional supplement.

Replacing safety Earl Wolff is the biggest task that NC State's defense faces next year, but the good news there is that the Pack has Dontae Johnson and Juston Burris to potentially fill that role, if neither of those two end up a starting corner.

On the offensive side, just about everything relies on Pete Thomas' ability to translate what he's learned from being a multi-year starter at Colorado State, because Manny Stocker doesn't appear close to being ready. I'm sure all those handoffs Stocker had the opportunity to handle after the last coaching staff burned his redshirt really helped his nerves, though.

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