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Dave Doeren And Co. Hit The Road


While NC State has not surprisingly had some defections from its 2013 recruiting class, Dave Doeren and staff are doing the best they can to solidify the commitments they do have and add more prospects to the fold. Doeren was on the road visiting LB Jerod Fernandez on Friday, as well as his pal, WR Kyrin Priester.

The visits clearly helped to solidify those commitments, which is great news for NC State. It's encouraging that kids are responding well to a coaching staff that was unknown to them just weeks ago.

Matt Canada is part of Doeren's traveling entourage, and yeah, I might have plugged the tail number on their private jet into FlightAware after he posted this photo to Twitter. After visiting with Fernandez and Priester, it looks like they ended up in Virginia on Saturday evening. This doesn't count as stalking, right?