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Bryant Shirreffs the New Sheriff in Town?

N. C. State has struck out on a number of 2013 QB targets and is in jeopardy of going through a second straight season with just two scholarship signal callers on the roster, making QB the most pressing need as the recruiting season winds down. Enter Bryant Shirreffs. He's not the guy for stars lovers, but the Georgia prep put up impressive numbers against impressive competition in the Peach Tree State. He does not have a big arm, but his highlight reel shows the ability to throw on the run, solid pocket presence for a yoot, and enough athleticism to make him a dual threat. He also must be fairly bright, as several Ivy League clubs are after his services. Between the range of play calling you see in the video and the level of competition one sees in Georgia, plus the smarts, I would feel comfortable with Shirreffs in an emergency next year, and he seems like a worthy investment for the future.