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NC State Hires UCF Director Of Player Personnel Drew Hughes


In a move that appears aimed at strengthening NC State's recruiting efforts, the Wolfpack hired Central Florida director of player personnel Drew Hughes. Hughes had served in that role for UCF since 2011, and he also spent five years working at Alabama, which can't hurt.

From his bio:

While with the Crimson Tide from 2007-11, Hughes served as a recruiting specialist for head coach Nick Saban. He assisted in player evaluation breakdowns and compiling the recruiting prospect board. Hughes also helped in the daily operations for the Nick Saban Summer Camps from 2008-11, and spent time on the football video staff for four years.

No official announcement has been made by NC State as of Monday night, so it's unclear what exactly his role will be with the Wolfpack, but it's probably safe to assume he'll be working in a similar capacity in Raleigh. The first step to recruiting Alabama-type talent is to hire Alabama-type assistant coaches, is what I always say.