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Tom O'Brien Moves In Style

Could you not? Thanks.
Could you not? Thanks.
Streeter Lecka

Tom O'Brien has been and will forever be underrated for his ability to dish out awesomely cutting statements, verbal or otherwise. No one outside the state of North Carolina realized what a dry-comedy treasure he was because those people were too busy tossing out immediately-stale Tom-O'Brien-is-boring jokes. This is unfortunate but since we're talking about NC State football it was inescapable.

Tom O'Brien is now an assistant coach at Virginia. He had to move some stuff from his condo in downtown Raleigh, and rather than bothering with a nondescript moving company, he brought the UVA equipment truck into town to handle his belongings. First they just had to unload all the points UVA scored last year which took about three--aw hell. Goddammit. Shit.

This is TOB's masterpiece. If only he could recruit like he can troll.

What's the gas mileage on that middle finger, anyway? Sorry, Debbie--TOB gets the last laugh as he rides (slowly) out of town. If you happen to see him on the highway, folks, make sure you give him the universal honk-the-horn signal. In the past he might have glanced away derisively. But no longer.