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Rig For Doom

Streeter Lecka

Hello and welcome to WE GON' DIE Week, where NC State has opened as a four-touchdown dog to Florida State, which most recently blasted Clemson into tiny bits, per Jameis Winston's instruction. Seriously, though, look at Florida State's offensive numbers through six games.


Winston is averaging 12 yards per attempt and 314.2 yards per game, has a 20-3 ratio of touchdowns to interceptions, and a passer rating that ranks second nationally. He strolled into Death Valley under some incredible pressure and played like it was nothin'. Sometimes recruiting rankings are off, and then other times they are really, really right.

NC State managed to hold the Seminoles to a per-play output well below their season average last season, but I'm having a hard time imagining any scenarios in which that happens again. Winston could choose to play the game with a hand tied behind his back, I suppose. He is quite the character! Seems rather unlikely, though.