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NC State Depth Chart: Brandon Mitchell Listed As Starting Quarterback

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

First, the good news: Brandon Mitchell is listed as the starting quarterback on the depth chart for the Florida State game. He says he is pain-free, though not 100%, because the bone still isn't done healing.

Rashard Smith is also listed as a starter, and so is Jack Tocho. We are gonna need every last ounce of help we can get, so welcome back, guys!

Rob Crisp and Darryl Cato-Bishop remain missing in action, though, which is a bummer. Joe Giglio said earlier Monday that there is no timetable for Crisp's return, and if he is still dealing with lingering effects from a concussion, that's a bit scary.

(Concussions can keep guys out for a long time in some cases. Justin Morneau suffered a concussion halfway through the 2010 MLB season and still wasn't ready to go by the start of spring training the next year.)

Joe Thuney will be the man protecting Mitchell's blind side (and feet; save the feet!).